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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Grow little plants, grow

Boy, has it been cold! Not that I'm complaining...a break from the rain is awfully nice. But what's growing in a garden when it's barely above freezing during the day and well below freezing at night? Well, since you asked, I'll show you.
Yes, those little green shoots are garlic. Our sleepy, cozy, little garlic cloves that Mrs. Lioy's class planted back in October. That blanket of straw must be working pretty well for them to pop out and see what the weather is like. They will be so happy when it starts to get a little warmer. 

What else grows in the garden in the dead of winter? Well there's always parsley, and there's a lot of it out there. So if you are craving some chimichurri sauce or a nice tabbouleh (both of which make me think of sunny summer), snip off some parsley and take it home. 

And there's more...Second-graders planted some cover crops this Fall which we will dig under in the Spring to make the soil healthy and happy and homey for earthworms and such. I think this is vetch. If you look closely, it looks a little cold and frosty, but it's hanging on. Just a little longer my friends and it will get above 40 degrees!

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