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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

October and it's still sunny!

Boy, have we been enjoying a long, late summer this year. I guess it's making up for the sloppy wet Spring we had. Is that el Nino or la Nina? Either way, it has helped our garden grow, grow, grow. So what's happening on the ground?

The cosmos and tomatoes are so tall you could get lost out there. And if you need a spicy addition to your salad, try some nasturtium flowers. They won't last much longer!
Take a look at this carrot. Planted by 1st graders last year. It's just about perfect, huh? This young gardener must know how to pick the good one's.

Uh oh. What's up with this cabbage?
There are a lot of holes in the leaves and that gray stuff??
Aphids, and millions of them!
This poor little cabbage is getting the life sucked right out of it. Literally!
Time for some action. A blast from the hose or a little soapy water will scatter those aphids elsewhere. Or some very hungry ladybugs.
Stay tuned for blow by blow details of the cabbage rescue!