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Monday, September 2, 2013

How does the garden grow over the summer?

You know, summer vacation is really great for checking out of your regular routines and doing things a little differently. Like not looking at this blog all summer long. Apologies for you few that read the posts on a regular basis. I know who you are. But seriously, this has been a hot, dry summer and things have really taken off so here's a little recap of what's been growing. 
Here are a few grapes from early in the summer. Usually you would harvest them in early fall, but when I was at the garden today, they were all gone. I'm hoping someone had a yummy snack.

Ahh...the fruits of our labor. Everything here is edible and would make a really tasty salad--kale (1st graders planted), nasturtiums (they come back every year), and a variety of tomatoes. Look at all the different colors! 
 Pumpkins. Lots of little pumpkins is what we have growing in our pumpkin patch. And I mean a lot! Mrs. Nelson's class planted these and the 5th graders will use them in a botany lab this Fall. 
This picture was taken in July.
 Look at all the green leaves!
This was taken a few days ago. Those leaves are calling it quits and sending all the good nutrients to the pumpkins.

You know what else grows really well? Weeds. Thistles. Really pokey, prickly weeds that are a bear to pull out. You need some serious gloves when you let them go this long.

On a brighter, much sunnier note, sunflowers.
What a perfect way to welcome kids back to McKinley for another great year.