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Saturday, August 11, 2012

August already??!!

Oh gosh, where oh where has the summer gone! I guess it's been whiled away with family, and camps, and bar-b-que's, and beach trips, and...gardening! Yes, this is the season for prolific zuchinni plants and lots of tomato salads and all kinds of berry jam. If you have a CSA, you are probably eating a lot of kale chips. Well, the McKinley garden is growing and thriving thanks to the great families that volunteer to water and weed and tend to the beds. 

The mosaic is complete and if you haven't gone down to see it, you have to. 
HAVE TO!! It is truly an amazing piece of art, especially when you think that every students at McKinley had a part in making it. A great time to come see it would be August 22nd, the last summer garden potluck at McKinley. We have had a fun time connecting with school friends, sharing delicious food, and pulling a few weeds. 

This post is dedicated to the kindergarden gardeners. Their pumpkins and sunflowers are truly amazing!
I like to call this the 3 sisters jungle. There's corn and green beans and all kinds of squash. You can see the mosaic in the background too.

I mentioned squash? I think this will be a pumpkin eventually. It's already big, just really green.

Oh, the sunflowers. These sunny faces will welcome back all returning students when they race down the sidewalk to school in September. Thank you Mrs. Nelson!

This is one of our first apples from the orchard. The next week I went back to check it's growth, it was gone.  : (
Hopefully, someone enjoyed it.